check clean dry


Ruapehu Express Protect our Playground.

New Zealand’s lakes, rivers and streams are under threat from freshwater pests.  Pests like didymo can be sneaky little critters.  A wet bike or shoe to be it’s way into another river or stream.  These pests can clog out waterways, smothering fish, insect and plant life out of them and making them damned ugly and difficult for us to enjoy.   Pests can be microscopic at an early stage so you can’t be sure that a waterway hasn’t got a pest in it.   Almost all the freshwater pests there are in New Zealand are spread by people so what we do counts. 

There will be a Check Clean Dry cleaning station at registration.  If you follow the instructions as outlined below before you get to the event you shouldn’t need to have your bike or gear cleaned at registration.  Get into the habit of doing Check Clean Dry whenever you more between waterways.

Here’s How to Check Clean Dry

If your bike or shoes got wet in another lake, river or stream prior to the event you need to either:

Check and Dry

Check and remove any obvious plant material.  Dry to the touch your bike and gear.   Your bike and gear has to have been dry for a minimum of 48 hours before the event where you will be going through Whangaehu River tributaries.  For mountain bikes it can take a long time for water in the rims to dry.  We recommend two weeks dry prior to another waterway as it may take at least ten days for rims to dry completely.

Or Check and Clean

If you’re at all uncertain that your bike or gear has been dry as above then you need to: Check and remove all obvious plant material. Clean, soak or scrub all equipment for at least one minute.  Make sure it’s fully wet, especially around the rims.  Use a solution of water and at least 5% detergent (any household detergent like dishwashing liquid) or 2% household bleach for cleaning.  If you rinse the gear afterwards use town supply water.

Thanks for doing your bit to protect our amazing waterways.’