MTB Course

MTB Course

Express 25

A great 25km ride for novice riders or those looking for a fun but achieveable challenge. The event starts in the Karioi Forest and includes the scenic Rangataua native forest and like all the MTB distances finishes in Ohakune.

Express 60

This is the most popular option. The 60km event starts at the Tukino Ski Field road (just off SH! / Desert Road), then traverses through tussock lined army trails then into the singel track and back roads of Karioi Forest before joining the Express 25 to ride through the Rangataua native forest, farmland, a blast of tar sealed road before finishing in Ohakune.

Express 80

We have seen a phenomenal response to this years event especially in the entries for the new 80km MTB race in which has now reached our capacity of 150 riders and entries are now closed for this category. 

Looking to extend yourself and discover more epic riding terrain?  Done the 60km maybe and want to step up to the top challenge?  Then have a crack at the Express 80. The start line for the 80km as the top of the Tukino Ski Field.  Riders will feel like they are on top of the world with views of lunar type landscape featuring snow, boulders, mountains and desert.  The race starts with an exhilarating descent down the Tukino Road to take on the remaining 60km of army land, Karioi forest, Rangataua forest to finish at Ohakune. We will include an extra Aid Station to keep you energised and cranking. 80km won’t come easy so make sure you train well over summer!  Trust us the Express 80km will be Epic!  Stay tuned to Facebook and the website for 80km updates.

Express 60 Combo

Keen to do the Express 60km, but keen to share the distance and experience with a friend?  Then the Express combo could be just the ticket.  Rider one starts up at the Tukino road with all of the 60km riders and then rides 35km through army land and the Karioi forest to the 25km MTB start.  Rider two now takes over and completes 25km through Karioi forest, Rangataua forest, farmland and a short road section to complete the event at Ohakune.

The grade of the Mountain Bike leg is grade 1-2 with small sections of grade 3. Refer to the MTB trail grading system on this page.

The Mountain bike event is definitely classed as Cross Country, not Enduro.  So the best bikes would probably be 'XC' or maybe 'All mountain'.  100mm-120mm suspension front and rear would be the most suitable.  Speedsters might choose hard tails.

Some people have questioned the course profile of the MTB60km course.  “Is it really all downhill for the first 35km?”  The answer is absolutely YES (except for the odd 2 minute climb followed by a fun one minute descent).

Course Map

Check out full detailed MTB map and elevations here


The event offers transportation for both rider and bike, for more information on this please see the Event Info page.